Diastasis is a full body issue!
Lets start addressing this TODAY

With the
Diastasis Recti Foundational Program

Checklist for regaining a functional core
Change how you stand, sit and move, change your habits and you might just change your separation for good.
  • Your posture and alignment are perfect
  • Your movement patterns: walking, bending and lifting are perfect
  • Your ribcage moves with a 360 breathing pattern
  • Your core and glutes fire correctly
  • Your hip flexors are not tight
  • You’re consistent with both daily movements and your exercises
If you can't check off ALL of the above points then you NEED this program along with the core work to help regain a fully functional core.
Watch this video below before you decide... You won't regret it!
See how different parts of your body impacts your recovery, both for your diastasis recti and for your pelvic floor.
Diastasis Recti Foundation Program
This Program Includes:
  • Breathing - An understanding of why breathing is so important in regaining a functional core (and pelvic floor), different breathing patterns, how to correct your breathing pattern and exercises to help with your rib alignment and getting a full expansion breath
  • Great Glutes - Understanding the connection between glutes and hip pain/function and your pelvic floor. How to stand correctly, how to target you glutes so they get strong NOT your hamstrings or quads.
  • Strengthening/Stretching - So often we have upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain this section work on stretching out your chest and strengthening your upper back.
  • Everyday Movements - how you stand, walk, sit, all impacts you recovery. Learn the correct way to do this and how to apply it to everyday activities such as, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes and vacuuming.
Check Out Some of the Feedback from the Program
This course by Katrina is excellent for addressing the real essentials for good posture and movement. I really appreciated having questions answered that I've been asking people for a long time, such as how to breathe correctly and how to sit. The course also teaches basics of movement for daily activities. This course can help to make the most of your workouts by making sure you get the basics (such as breathing correctly and squatting properly) right and by teaching you not to undo your hard work in the gym by moving incorrectly through your day to day life.

Katrina's program is so informative! This program helps you heal your DR, regain a functional core, and fix your posture in everyday movement so that you can alleviate all that hip back and neck pain you thought you were just going to have to live with!


Your posture can aid in regaining a functional core OR inhibit it from becoming functional
Check out what happens when you get your alignment right - this was taken within a few hours of each other AFTER working on her alignment
Correcting your alignment
Katie Bowman sums it up so nicely, I think I’ll just quote her.
One of the reasons people have a difficult time correcting their own ailments without surgery is because they are not changing what they did that caused it in the first place – and I don’t mean what they were doing the moment before the ailment happened. Fixing DR is the same as anything else. It is not a situation caused by pregnancy, or a giant baby. It is caused by carrying high pressure in the abdomen. Trying to do exercises to fix a pressure-induced issue while continuing to hold your body in a way that continues to create high pressure will never work.
If a pressure-based ailment has developed in your body, then your entire body needs to be aligned so the pressure goes back to the correct homeostatic values.
We have become a

Spot-treatment kind of culture.
An “I’ll give my health at least 60 minutes-a-day” kind of population.
An “I’ll spend more money on my clothes than I on what’s under them” kind of population.

But if you are really interested in fixing your DR for good, you need to learn what caused it and what you are doing, right now, that is keeping the split in place.

Read the rest of her article HERE

Get it right from the beginning and avoid a lot of frustration
What People Are Saying...
"...You don't have to live with pain"
“Katrina's program is so informative! This program helps you heal your DR, regain a functional core, and fix your posture in everyday movement so that you can alleviate all that hip back and neck pain you thought you were just going to have to live with!”
"...It's like getting a head to toe makeover"
Katrina’s thoughtfully laid out bonus videos are quick to watch, straightforward and make it easy to apply what you’ve learned into your DR workouts and everyday life. The depth of information will help ensure that your DR program is customized to your needs and your lifestyle. In a short amount of time, I can already feel and see the differences in my entire body. It’s like getting a head to toe makeover!
"...I am learning to take care of myself"
I've really enjoyed learning to breath and hold myself correctly, and feel good knowing I'm taking care of my body while I care for my children as well.
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